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Buffet Style (all-you-can-eat)

(includes chafing dishes and caterers on site monitoring and working the buffet)

Choice of up to two entrees:

Chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, grilled chicken, blackened chicken, meatloaf, Salisbury steak, pork roast, poppyseed chicken, chicken spaghetti, chicken & dressing, roast beef

entree – you can choose one entree or two, if you choose two, we are providing 50/50 of each one or whatever percentage breakdown you would like us to do. We will control the entree to make sure everyone gets served, you may run out of a choice if you go with two but you will not run out of an entree.

Choice of up to four sides/vegetables:

Mashed potatoes, new potatoes, green beans, pinto beans, turnip greens, corn, corn casserole, macaroni & cheese, squash casserole, carrot slaw, macaroni salad, peaches/bananas/strawberries, tomato cucumber salad, broccoli salad

Rolls & Butter

Tea, water, and ice


This buffet does not include dessert, as most times a cake has already been arranged. We can provide dessert if desired for all or a portion (Such as a groom’s cake portion, etc.). All of our cakes are homemade and the additional price would be $2.00 per person. Selections include: chocolate, Strawberry, red velvet, black velvet, coconut, lemon poppyseed, butter yellow, Italian creme, carrot, & german chocolate.

Dinner Salad:

Dinner salads can be handled one of two ways, we can do a pre-plated dinner salad that will be on the table when you arrive and start off the meal, or we can do a bowl of tossed salad on the buffet. A garden salad on the buffet will run $2.50 per person, while a pre-plated individual dinner will be $3.75 per person. In my experience, even though the pre-plated option is more expensive, it is truly the only one that actually gets eaten and is worth the expense. Less than 50% of your guests will bother with a bowl of garden salad as they proceed through the buffet line when they are already getting their food. (Just food for thought, so you are happy with your selections and get the most bang for your buck)


We can also do appetizers before the buffet starts, a good way to be accommodating to your guests while waiting for the event/wedding party to finish up pictures, etc. Here are some selections:

Chicken flautas (60 pieces)

$65.00 per tray

Egg Roll tray (50 pieces)

$75.00 per tray

*Coconut Shrimp

$2.55 each

*Boiled Shrimp

$1.95 each

7-layer bean dip


*Chicken Kabobs

$3.00 each

Fruit tray w/ cheese, etc.


**Gone in 60 Seconds Cheese mold


**Veggie Cheese Ball


**Pineapple Cheese Ball


*Veggie Kabobs

$3.00 each

Stuffed mushrooms

$1.85 each

Spinach Artichoke Dip


*Beef Kabob

$3.00 each

*Specify Quantity
**Comes with Crackers
**We will be happy to answer and advise on combinations or quantities needed on the items listed above.

If there is anything that you want that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to ask. If it is something that I have done or am confident in, we can do it for you, however, we do not experiment on catering.

We would love to cater your event for you and work with you to personalize your menu and event exactly the way you want it. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Brian Koerselman
FarmHouse Café
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It is our pet peeve to keep our restaurant clean and up-to-code. We purchase our food fresh and cook all our dishes made to order.

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